Saturday, June 18, 2011


I came to a point in my mind, where I just want to deny you. Deny your existence and the fact that I ever knew you, shared a bed with you and accepted your past. The thing with you is, the past is actually not in the past. It's happening now and it will happen in the future. All the things you caused me because of your lack of knowledge and stubbornness, all the things you deny... You disgust me. I should have listened and never even go near you, although you are very tempting. No wonder I am going to be marked all my life, not just me... My loved ones will hurt and also people who don't exist yet. When they told me this, I started to hate you. When it comes to me, I can handle it because I am too forgiving, but when it comes to my flesh and blood, you better disappear and hope I will never find you. You think that your ignorance is an excuse? It's not. I've told you how things are, you refuse to understand. You are always right, no consequences for you. They never are, are they? You will do the same to another person, with an excuse of not knowing anything, playing all innocent and missunderstood. The world is not there because of you. You are getting punished all your life for your lack of knowledge and stubbornness, I tried to open your eyes. On the surface, it looked like you can see, but inside, you're the same stupid bum with no future. At least you know what you had and will never have again in your entire life. So grab a brick and continue your pathetic life. Save every cent you have, god forbid calling the ones you hurt and ask how they are doing. Better spend it on your precious beer, maybe even pay one for your friend; who will most likely just walk by you tomorrow without saying a word. And you will feel all surprised again and hurt and need a »mother« to pamper you and hold you while you cry, of course without touching your hair. It's precious. Can't be ruined. For you, the most important thing is to look good and chic. Buy another mirror, admire yourself, waste your life away and never call me again. 
The girl with a future avoids a man with a past.
- Evan Esar