Tuesday, June 7, 2011


It all started with a light although I don't even smoke regularly. There were two but I only noticed one. After a few run aways we finaly came back and stayed. Started to speak with the other guy finaly and realised that the pathern is continuing. I knew well how to handle it. Interesting how things turned out.  Never would expected it. And here I am with this calm and serious guy who I discover in a totally different light every day. He's like a cameleon. Could also be funny and adorable at times. He adjusts well at changes and hides a remarcable personality. On times can be preety scarry and gets you out of the blue with his look and just a word, folowed with a smile, which you can't tell is real or not. He makes his »jokes« so real and demanding, you want to stick your head in the ground. Afterwards you stay numb and try to figuire it out if it really sounded »like that« from your mouth, was he joking, am I really that offensive...? On the other hand he can be so harmless and adorable, gentle and carring. Still haven't discovered the wild side, if it even exist?! Most of all he has the smoothest and most adorable hands ever and he's also a bear.

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