Tuesday, December 1, 2015

It's fun… until it's not fun anymore…

Like they say, all the good things come to an end. I can feel you fading away in front of my eyes. There is nothing I can say or do to make you stay. When did this happen, where did »us« go? Every minute you seem further away from me, a shadow that fades away with time. I try to understand why, is it me or is it just you or it was all just an illusion in my head? We seemed to be perfect together, maybe it was all too good to be true. I pretended that everything is as it was and stuck to the reality I knew while my world was crashing in front of me. Confrontation is not an option at this time. If I say it out loud, it will become real so I keep my head down and let time pass. A wise woman said to us once:« Relationships are work every day.« We smiled and and didn't pay attention to it. I ask myself if it's all just for keeping up appearances or is there some love left in this story? I am trying to find a way to get to you, to get past this thick wall you built around yourself. We are so alike but so different in the same way. Go figure. My fear of loosing you is killing me and slowly damaging us and slowly I will loose you. Every word you say, every look and every glince at your face is killing me peace by piece. You have the power to destroy me with just one word. 

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