Sunday, November 2, 2008


What is this silence? Is it a calm before the storm, should I prepare? Is it you running away (again)? Is it me hiding from you? Or maybe it's nothing, or maybe all of this? Will I ever know? Do I even want to, do I deserve it… It depends who we ask… All those questions, but only one answer. And will this answer be enough to know the real truth, the real reason why? No! The answer is in you, and only you know it and nobody else. You can tell me the answer, but I'll never truly know. There are so many things attached to it, so many thoughts, feelings… Maybe there is no answer, maybe there's just a change of weather? Maybe the answer is in front of me, but I don't see it? It could be silence, peace, nothing, meaningfulness, emptiness? Maybe there are several answers but I don't believe them. Perhaps you have already told me but I didn't listen or just didn't hear you. Maybe there isn't question at all?

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