Friday, December 9, 2011

About the "Manual"...

Lost. Confused. Sad. That is what happened here. No clue how, when and on what way did I come here?! With these people you have a clear YES or a even clearer NO. Like with “us”, just that I know for the first second, they need time to analyze the situation. When there is a YES, they would do anything for you, note with perfection. If there is a NO, they would cut you off in one second. I have lived both reactions, unfortunately can’t deal with the second one. This is a very special person, cold on the outside but with the right actions his soft side can be discovered. Very funny guy, he is in need of safety as well and affection. Like a little child, he would lie in your arms and let you pet him for as long as you want. Just that there must be peace and quietness. He doesn’t want a lot, just a little appreciation and peaceful evenings on his cozy couch. When he is in the zone and very upset about something, he will go “all out”. You must listen to all the stories, let him roar and complain. Afterwards, when this will all be out of his system, he will be his old self again. He encourages independence in people and corrects their errors but not to put them down but to show them how much he loves you. It is very hard to get in to his heart because his mind is constantly calculating, thinking and weighing the situation. When you do he might get scared and walk away. I hope that just for a while and that he will one day, out of the blue tell me that he wants to come see me. I have a strong feeling that there are good chances of reenacting again because there is a very strong bond between us. As I have noticed, he is very relaxed with me, so am I. That is very hard to find. Habit is one thing but feeling completely relaxed is another. I will fight for this because I know is worth it! If the only thing that is needed is time, I will give him time. Another thing I have learned about a Typical Virgo guy -They can organize anything except their own emotionsThey need a distance in order to be emotionally connected.

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