Monday, May 24, 2010

Cute sweet and reliable VS misterious handsome and dangerous

I meet you in a strange surcomstances... but we managed to get in touch, you swept me of my feet with a nice car, fancy clothes, gorgeous charm... And then I went away for a long time without any promises. But we stayed in touch, you always answered so misteriously that I stayed interested... I am looking for an answer for 8 months now... I was living with memories of just one week for three months and then I entered this bar and there was he, cute, handsome and mischievous. I was numb, shy and just stood there. I just wanted you to take me somewhere without any words and… Now I am living a peacefull life with you, I thaught that you can't show your masculine side. But I am happy that you did. Now I know I have a kitten who can transform into a lion if I made you... Only I can make you to show your pride and power. And here I am, in your arms... then comes a day when I remember my country, my music and my culture and of course the handsome misterious guy, for who I know that doesn't bring permanent and solid life... Only occasional “heaven”. I know I can’t expect that you will change and see only me, that's why I’ve chosen other life… 

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